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An expressive dalmatian gazes thoughtfully into the distance, adorned with stylish aviator glasses and a vivid yellow scarf. Set against a swirling backdrop of azure and gold, the canine is surrounded by radiant sunflowers, some of which bear unique mechanical details, crafting a blend of natural and steampunk elements. In a mesmerizing scene, a contemplative dalmatian sports a pair of trendy glasses and a bright yellow scarf. Behind the dog, a whirlwind of blue and gold swirls, while bold sunflowers, some with intriguing cogwheel centers, add depth and contrast, suggesting a harmonious fusion of nature and machinery. A dalmatian, lost in thought and wearing stylish aviator glasses, stands out against a dreamy blue background punctuated with golden swirls. Mechanical-infused sunflowers with gears at their core dance around, creating an enchanting juxtaposition of organic beauty and technological allure.

Sunflower Dreams

Sunflower Dreams



Sunflower Dreams Dive into the vibrant 'Sunflower Dreams' and uncover joy in every brushstroke. A bold Dalmatian in a flight suit amidst sunflowers and twinkling stars creates a visual symphony that sings of delight.

Features: Artist-grade canvas, crafted from a premium poly-cotton blend canvas, our prints showcase the fine details and vibrant colors of Ivan Guaderrama's masterpieces.

Full Hardwood Frame: Made from high-quality poplar wood, our frames are built to last. They resist warping, ensuring your art remains impeccable.

Hand-Stretched and Stapled: Each canvas is meticulously stretched and stapled by hand, a touch of artistry.

Care instructions: Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth

Size options : 12 x 12 inches  and 24x24 inches 

Production:   6 days*

      Shipping:  US:  6-12 days*    CANADA: 10-20+ days*

      *Business days. Time can vary depending on the available shipping company.

      Interactive: NO