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An evocative artwork of a contemplative dog, possibly a pit bull, painted with an array of warm and vibrant colors. The dog dons a patterned red beanie and a matching scarf, while its expressive eyes capture attention against a muted, abstract blue-green background with drips and speckles. A striking illustration of a dog, its coat rendered in a splash of oranges, yellows, and browns. Dressed in a colorful beanie with tribal patterns and a coordinating scarf, the dog's gaze is deep and soulful, set against a textured teal backdrop with sporadic white flecks. A heartfelt painting capturing the soulful gaze of a dog, its face illuminated by rich hues of gold, rust, and amber. The dog's attire, a red cap with tribal designs and a matching scarf, adds to its regal appearance, all juxtaposed against an atmospheric blue canvas with dripping paint and scattered spots.

Gentle Gaze of Winter

Gentle Gaze of Winter



Gentle Gaze of Winter The Gentle Gaze of Winter artwork features the gaze of a bulldog adorned with a red hat and scarf. His serious eyes against the soothing blue canvas evoke a sense of serenity. This painting exudes warmth, making it a perfect addition to your home decor.

Features: Artist-grade canvas, crafted from a premium poly-cotton blend canvas, our prints showcase the fine details and vibrant colors of Ivan Guaderrama's masterpieces.

Full Hardwood Frame: Made from high-quality poplar wood, our frames are built to last. They resist warping, ensuring your art remains impeccable.

Hand-Stretched and Stapled: Each canvas is meticulously stretched and stapled by hand, a touch of artistry.

Care instructions: Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth

Size options : 12 x 12 inches  and 24x24 inches 

Production:   6 days*

      Shipping:  US:  6-12 days*    CANADA: 10-20+ days*

      *Business days. Time can vary depending on the available shipping company.

      Interactive: NO