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A captivating painting of a French Bulldog, its intense gaze highlighted by big, round, and expressive eyes. The dog's richly-colored blue and green fur contrasts with the radiant, abstract burst of warm colors in the background, evoking a sense of wonder. A mesmerizing portrait of a French Bulldog painted in vivid hues. The dog's face takes center stage, its soulful eyes drawing the viewer in, while the background swirls in a kaleidoscope of colorful strokes, creating an aura of enchantment. An artful depiction of a French Bulldog with deep-set, poignant eyes that seem to tell a story. The painting is drenched in a spectrum of colors, blending seamlessly from the cool shades on the dog's face to the fiery backdrop, presenting a contrast that's both dramatic and alluring.

Flight of the Furry Hero

Flight of the Furry Hero



Flight of the Furry Hero Experience the whimsical journey of our pug hero as he zooms through the city skyline. Painted in warm tones, each brush stroke brings his daring escapade to life. A must-have for those who appreciate courage in the cutest of shapes.

Features: Artist-grade canvas, crafted from a premium poly-cotton blend canvas, our prints showcase the fine details and vibrant colors of Ivan Guaderrama's masterpieces.

Full Hardwood Frame: Made from high-quality poplar wood, our frames are built to last. They resist warping, ensuring your art remains impeccable.

Hand-Stretched and Stapled: Each canvas is meticulously stretched and stapled by hand, a touch of artistry.

Care instructions: Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth

Size options : 12 x 12 inches  and 24x24 inches 

Production:   6 days*

      Shipping:  US:  6-12 days*    CANADA: 10-20+ days*

      *Business days. Time can vary depending on the available shipping company.

      Interactive: NO