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2020 Original Art Collection - 10 Limited Edition

Love is so powerful, in all its forms and qualities, that it is capable of transforming everything it reaches, attracting forgiveness, touching the darkest souls, and injecting light into them. Love is so immense that it can connect us with every living being at such a deep level that it impacts our soul and heart, allows us to open paths, eliminate sadness from our world and fill it with faith and hope. Love is so infinite that it guides us along paths of peace. Step by step, it leads us to happiness and allows us to live in the light of each day, overshadowing any darkness that may threaten us. So eternal is His love for us, we live it every day, and it fills our soul with light, raises our soul to calm, and fills our hearts with peace and hope. That is what inspires this beautiful painting called "Endless Love" with bright colors and beautiful messages of love.

Details: Digital mix media technology & hand retouch painting with great finishes.

Interactive by App: NO

Size: 45 1/4” x 45 1/4” x 2 3/4

Production time: 7-15 business days.

Standard US Shipping time: 5 to 12 business days.

Standard US Shipping time: 5 to 12 business days.