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God´s Angels

God´s Angels



God´s Angels - Limited edition 2022 / Original Painting

Throughout the life that God gives us, he gives us challenges and lessons that teach us to follow in his footsteps, and with each challenge, he gives us an angel that guides us and gives us light to follow the path in which we must walk. This is a loving representation of all those angels who are in heaven, in our hearts, and on earth to guide us with love.

A beautiful Art piece created in mid - 2022. Find this art a perfect positive message for your home or office space.

Details: Mixed Media on Acrylic with led lights with remote control and wooden frame

Interactive by App: NO

Size: 55” x 39” x  2”

Production time:  READY FOR SHIPPING!

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US: 15-20 business days       CANADA: 25-30 business days