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War Room

War Room




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War Room: Has it ever crossed your mind that there could be a better way to fight the battles we face in life? "War Room" reminds us that the best defense we have is prayer because when we let our fights to God, he will fight them for us, and there's no fight that He could lose. Prayer is capable of moving God's hand in our favor when our battles are righteous, teaches us that if we fought in this way, day after day, life would take those paths full of love, peace, and hope that we ask for so much. 



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Finishing options:

  • Metal Print. Modern, durable, and ready to hang. Printed on high-gloss aluminum with rounded edges. Check the Video

  •  Framed Canvas Gallery Wraps. Our top-selling artist canvas, beautiful floating frame, durable construction, a perfect fit for an outstanding wrap. Check the Video

  •  Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps. Genuine artist canvas, with a solid face and beautiful corners, ready to hang.

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  •   6-7 business days

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