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Jesus- Celestial laughter - Expressive painting of a joyful figure with a wide smile, his visage illuminated by a kaleidoscope of colors, surrounded by energetic splashes and glimmering droplets against a vivid background. Jesus- Celestial laughter - Artistic representation of an exuberant individual laughing heartily, with a face drenched in radiant colors and luminous specks, set amidst a canvas bursting with dynamic brush strokes. Jesus- Celestial laughter - captivating artwork of a figure radiating happiness, face aglow with vibrant hues and sparkling accents, enveloped in a tempest of swirling pigments and playful splatters.

Jesus- Celestial laughter

Jesus- Celestial laughter



Jesus- Celestial laughter

Immerse yourself in the blissful laughter of Jesus, as He spreads happiness and goodwill throughout the heavens and the earth. This work of art serves as a beautiful reminder that joy is a gift from the divine.

Features: Artist-grade canvas, crafted from a premium poly-cotton blend canvas, our prints showcase the fine details and vibrant colors of Ivan Guaderrama's masterpieces.

Full Hardwood Frame: Made from high-quality poplar wood, our frames are built to last. They resist warping, ensuring your art remains impeccable.

Hand-Stretched and Stapled: Each canvas is meticulously stretched and stapled by hand, a touch of artistry.

Care instructions: Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth

Size options : 12 x 12 inches - 24 x 24 inches - 36 x 36 inches and 60 x 60 inches

Production:   6 days*

      Shipping:  US:  6-12 days*    CANADA: 10-20+ days*

      *Business days. Time can vary depending on the available shipping company.

      Interactive: NO