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A striking French Bulldog, rendered in deep blues and grays, holds a compelling gaze with its vivid reddish-brown eyes. Adorned with a cascade of vibrant flowers, it stands against a backdrop awash in warm oranges, yellows, and pastel hues. Delicate butterflies of various colors flit around, adding a whimsical touch to the scene. Amid a pastel canvas of oranges and pinks, a French Bulldog captures the viewer's attention with its deep, soulful eyes. Its coat is interspersed with blooming flowers and foliage, blending seamlessly with the background. Butterflies, each intricately detailed, dance around, completing the artwork's magical ambiance. A captivating portrayal of a French Bulldog, its richly textured coat adorned with blooms of roses, daisies, and other flora. Its intense eyes pierce through, drawing attention amidst a dreamy tableau of soft-hued blocks and ethereal butterflies. The artwork exudes an enchanting mix of nature and abstract elements.

Blossoming Bulldog Brilliance

Blossoming Bulldog Brilliance



Blossoming Bulldog Brilliance A stunning contrast of strength and tenderness, captured in acrylic. The black bulldog, nestled among flowers, locks eyes with you, invoking a bond that transcends canvas.

Features: Artist-grade canvas, crafted from a premium poly-cotton blend canvas, our prints showcase the fine details and vibrant colors of Ivan Guaderrama's masterpieces.

Full Hardwood Frame: Made from high-quality poplar wood, our frames are built to last. They resist warping, ensuring your art remains impeccable.

Hand-Stretched and Stapled: Each canvas is meticulously stretched and stapled by hand, a touch of artistry.

Care instructions: Wipe gently with a clean, damp cloth

Size options : 12 x 12 inches  and 24x24 inches 

Production:   6 days*

      Shipping:  US:  6-12 days*    CANADA: 10-20+ days*

      *Business days. Time can vary depending on the available shipping company.

      Interactive: NO