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Abstract heart painting with bold patches of color on a blue background, symbolizing the patchwork of emotions in love. Abstract heart painting in bold colors hanging above a beige sofa, adding a vibrant touch to a cozy living room setting. Colorful abstract heart artwork on a living room wall, embodying a warm embrace with its vivid color palette. Bright and textured heart abstract painting, enhancing the living room decor with a lively expression of affection. Vivid abstract heart collage painting, a dynamic expression of love's vibrant emotions, suited for modern decor.

Vibrant Love's

Vibrant Love's



The painting 'Vibrant Love's' is more than a painting—it's an emotional landscape. Lush hues meld into a heart, symbolizing the complexities of love. Let it serve as a vivid reminder of life's brilliant shades of affection.

Interactive by App: NOT YET, working on it!

Giving Heart 


Finishing options:

  • Metal Print. Modern, durable, and ready to hang. Printed on high-gloss aluminum with rounded edges. Check the Video

  •  Framed Canvas Gallery Wraps. Our top-selling artist canvas, beautiful floating frame, durable construction, a perfect fit for an outstanding wrap. Check the Video

  •  Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps. Genuine artist canvas, with a solid face and beautiful corners, ready to hang.

Production time:

  •   6-7 business days

Standard shipping time:

  • US:  5 to 12 business days.

  • CANADA:  8 to 15 business days.