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There are many, many, many reasons


There is HOME,

There is FAMILY,

They're all BLESSINGS!

I am counting every blessing

Beatitudes – It's a call to remember and count every blessing. Since the very beginning (Genesis 1: 27-28), God's desire for us has been us to be blessed and fruitful. Blessed us was the very first thing God did for us right after He created us! Sometimes we are too busy to have it fresh in our minds that's where "Beatitudes" plays its role: captivating our eyes and heart to warm and encourage our soul with God's promises (Matthew 5:1-12).

Every family has their own way and story

On my Way to heaven – This is an art piece totally inspired by the Guaderrama family: Ivan, Imelda and their three pets. The wings in the painting represent the freedom that God gives us by giving us an idea, He gives us a direction but also gives us creativity and imagination to realize it. The message “Having someone to love is family, having somewhere to go is home, having both is a blessing” expresses a sincere recognition of the grace of God to Ivan's life by granting him his family with whom he has formed a home: his greatest blessing.

What's one of the beauties of our home?

Los Cabos Whale – This painting and animation bring together in a very fun way the most striking and well-known qualities and characteristics of Los Cabos: land of thousands of ocean, sand and dream lovers. Here the desert and the heaven kiss the sea. The enormous whales create their home along with thousands of other marine and terrestrial species. Los Cabos Whale is without a doubt a wonderful tangible memory for those who visit us and a fabulous invitation for those who need a little push to venture into this paradise.

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