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Love is Patient Love is Kind - Acrylic Blocks

Love is Patient Love is Kind - Acrylic Blocks



Love Is Patient Love is Kind -  Ivan shares with us about this piece from his heart as a husband: "This piece was a dedication to Imelda and I did it when I understood what marriage is. Marriage is something you have to work at, it is a decision, you have to decide to make your wife (husband) happy. It is a decision that is not about whether you like it or not. You must invest time. You both are not perfect for everything to work out perfectly. You have to learn to speak the language of your partner." Love is patient love is kind is a profound reflection of the invitation 1 Corinthians 13 makes to everyone who sincerely wants to demonstrate unconditional love as well as practice true and honest love in their lives.

In this new presentation, our Art is affixed to a thick block of acrylic. Which in addition to functioning as a protector, gives it an incredible 3D look. It's very beautiful and does not require installation. It is also made of archival quality to last over 100 years!

Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth.