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Azel Acrylic Blocks

Azel Acrylic Blocks



Azel– The interaction for the angel Azel took a long time. When Ivan was waiting for God’s message to pass it on, he received a short: "You are God’s masterpiece" (Ephesians 2:10). At first it was a surprise, as it seemed like a very short phrase for an interaction that required so much work, however over time we have seen how God has touched the hearts of those who witness the work. Azel shows the magnificent, striking and beautiful effect on us when we come to understand and appropriate our identity, what we really are in this creation, God’s Masterpiece.

In this new presentation, our Art is affixed to a thick block of acrylic. Which in addition to functioning as a protector, gives it an incredible 3D look. It's very beautiful and does not require installation. It is also made of archival quality to last over 100 years!

Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth.